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What a fun engagement session we had with Linda and Danika right here in beautiful Lake Gregory.   The couple’s playful personality really shined among the gorgeous scenery of trees, lakes and mountains of Crestline, California!

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The area offers a wonderful environment for engagement and wedding photography. It was an easy task capturing the romanticism of this location. Its peacefulness and serenity is clearly visible in each photo.

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However, even in the midst of the tranquil and serene setting, it was still nonstop amusement and laughter with these two! The constant jokes and hilarity made it hard to believe that I was actually performing a job! Linda and Danika are both so much fun to be around. They have the type of personalities that others gravitate towards. I can’t think of a more likeable couple.

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We actually first met Linda a year ago when she became our son’s therapist. Our son has autism and we feel so fortunate to have a caring professional like Linda in his life. She has played a tremendous role in the progress that JJ has made over the past year and we can’t thank her enough.

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Soon after meeting Linda, we had the honor of meeting her lovely partner, Danika. Danika is a perfect match for Linda. She is a joy to be around and a truly wonderful person. We are thrilled to be a part of their wedding and we couldn’t be more pleased that they chose us to be their wedding photographer.

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Linda and Danika are like family to us and we wish them all the love and happiness that they most definitely deserve. We are eagerly awaiting the wedding in July at Crest Forest Lodge as we know it will be just beautiful!

Photos by Josh & Carrie Photography.  Please contact us here


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